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Therapeutic/Relaxation Massage:

30 Minutes $45, 60 Minutes $75, 90 Minutes $95

This massage is built for you. Whether you
are looking to just relax or have the aches and pains worked out of your tired
muscles, this massage will accommodate your needs.

Hot Stone Massage:

30 Minutes $60, 60 Minutes $90, 90 Minutes $110

Treat yourself to a full body muscle melt down. Hot stones bathed in a blend of
antioxidant rich and detoxifying teas and essential oils. This combination
helps rid the body of free radicals, while the heat from the stones helps to
soften tense muscles.


30 Minutes $50, 60 Minutes $80,

Thousands of tiny nerves in the feet correspond to every organ and system within the
body. These points are manipulated during this special foot massage to reduce
stress, revitalize and balance energy in the whole body.


30 Minutes $45, 60 Minutes $75, 90 Minutes $95

Experience Traditional Chinese methods of balancing your whole body by addressing energy
pathways, known as meridians, within your body through specialized massage
using acupressure and stretching. This bodywork is traditionally performed on a
special mat on the floor and is done fully clothed. Be sure to wear comfortable
clothing that you can easily be stretched in.

Aromatherapy Massage:

30 Minutes $45, 60 Minutes $75, 90 Minutes $95

Massage with the use of therapeutic grade essential oils. These oils have many
different effects on the body and body. They range from relaxing to energizing,
with anti-inflammatory and immune boosting qualities, this allows for optimal
customization of your massage.

Pregnancy Massage:

30 Minutes $45, 60 Minutes $75, 90 Minutes $95

This gentle and calming massage alleviates muscle tension and fatigue during and after pregnancy. The
focus will be on the needs of your continually changing body. The mother-to-be
is safely positioned, while side lying, utilizing pillows and bolsters for
maximum comfort.

Body Treatments

Full Body Scrub and Massage:

75 Minutes $105,

Scrub all your cares away with this full body exfoliation, your choice ofRefreshing
Green Tea, Indulgent Chocolate, or Tropical Coconut Lime sea salt body scrub
with matching massage oil, followed by a therapeutic massage to help ease what
ails you… Pure bliss!

Ultra Hydrating Scrub, Wrap and Massage:

90 Minutes $125

Full body scrub as listed above with the incorporation of the Body Luxe Hydrating
Wrap leaving an intense hydration on the skin, enhancing defenses and soothing
even the most sensitive skin. This service also includes a therapeutic massage to
top off a skin pampering session that will leave you feeling silky and new.